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Buying a home in Spain is a big and important business!
Therefore, please contact us, we specialize in real estate in Spain and have good contacts with brokers, lawyers, banks and insurance companies in Spain, all for your real estate business to feel safe and smooth all the way!

Everyone also speaks Swedish, English and Spanish for your convenience.
We have specialized in the Costa Blanca coast, but will expand our search areas to Costa del Sol and Costa Brava and others. in a soon future.
A little short information about the Costa Blanca and why we specialize here:
This area has beautiful beaches and is located in a so-called microclimate zone with a climate that is generally beneficial to body and mind. The air and climate are considered very beneficial for asthmatics, rheumatics and for those who have skin problems (eczema or similar).

That the area also has about 330 days of sunshine a year and often is in peak with the most hours of sunshine is another important reason why the interest in finding a home in the Costa Blanca area is huge! This is where we come into the picture, with our experience.

Then, like many others, contact us to find your dream home! We look for what you’re looking for if you can not find your dream home on our site!
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